Using the Editorial Calendar Tool for the First Time

With more than 150 editorial calendars (and counting) available to subscribers,’s simple search tool offers an easy and user-friendly way for users to navigate the site’s database. Below is a brief primer, curated for first-time users, on how to use the simple search tool.


Located to the left of the search bar, a series of drop down menus can be used to sort and filter data by “Month”, “Vertical” and “Outlet.”

  • The month filter allows users to augment their database view to display only editorial calendars reflecting one or several selected publication months.
  • Similarly, the vertical filter allows users to augment their view by publication vertical (ie. publication category) and more than one can be selected.
  • Finally, the outlet filter enables users to view’s entire catalog of publications, specific to selected months or verticals. Alternatively, the entire catalog can be viewed if no months or verticals have been selected.


The search tool’s sorting functionality enables users to sort data chronologically by month within the “Month Sort” column, and alphabetically within the “Outlet” and “Editorial Description” columns.


By clicking the drop-down menu to the right of the search bar, users can select the data categories within which they wish to search. In the above example, the term “Blockchain” is searched within the Editorial Description data category, with the “BioTech & Pharmaceutical” vertical selected. The sample search result indicates “Practical Applications of Blockchain” will be discussed in the July 2020 issue of MedCity News.

Viewing Key Dates and Deadlines, and Accessing the Original Editorial Calendar

To view more information about a particular editorial calendar item, click the plus sign to the left of the entry. Selecting the plus sign activates an additional drop-down display below the entry that includes key dates and deadlines for that editorial item.

The drop-down display also provides a link to that publication’s complete editorial calendar in its original format.

Troubleshooting & Support

For help with any issues not discussed in this post, please reach out to